How do I change the credit card for billing?


  1. Go to your “My Orders” page by hovering over the user menu and clicking “My Orders”:

  1. On the “My Orders” page, click the “Update Card” button:

  1. Enter your new card information and click “Update Card”

this is not possible if the credit card expired

@jaspers1991, Sorry about that. A workaround is to cancel your subscription by clicking “cancel subscription”. It will stay active one month past your last payment. Once you loose Hookpad Plus access you can sign up again with your new credit card. If you have any questions, let me know.

Hey Chris,

this does not work for me, there is no “cancel subscription” button available.

Once a subscription goes inactive, the “Cancel” button no longer appears. In this case you can go to the Hookpad Plus page and re-subscribe.