How do I change the chord pattern it plays

How do I change how it plays a chord.?

I have 4 bars of it playing a pattern it auto set and I would like the next 4 bars to be playing just one note held for the full 4 bars. How can I do that.

And how can I set what pattern the chord plays like ding ding ding ding or ding ding - ding or - - ding ding so I can set my own chord patterns it plays.

I just signed up and need to be able to change how different chords are played to make a song?

Hi Ed,

in Hookpad you don’t write the patterns yourself but instead you can select an instrument which plays a pattern. To do this, press “B” to open the band browser and there you’ll find all instruments we have.
In your case you can put a Band Change marker onto bar 5 and select different sustaining instruments afterwards. Just click on the box where you can see the bar number 5 and then on band change.

In the band browser you could then select the Piano Full Chords Patch in the harmony section and mute/delete the bass instrument as this harmony patch already comes with a bass note.

Please let me know if this helped!


I see now this limits making things…