How do i add drum breaks?

I know how to change a band on a bar but how do i add a drum break? The manual says that “Breaks can be found at the end of each drum folder.” But i can´t find them. And what do i do if i found them. Should i create a band change right before the next section? Any ideas?

By the way as Sections in songs appear more than one time can i reuse Band 2 for example a second time later? How?

Thank you!

Hey Alex, as we got more and more drum rhythms for each drum kit we moved the order of everything a bit. Now the order is:

  • drum patches especially designed for selected drum kit
  • breaks
  • drum patches designed for other drum kits but still usable for all kits

To use a break, create a new band change and the drums will play a kick and crash on the first beat of the first bar. After that it will stay silent until it sees the next band change. In addition you could also select a pickup rhythm which you can find in the third column as a variation of the drum patch. This will only play in the last bar before the next band change.

Right now there is no way to link band change markers, but if you duplicate a section, the band settings will also be copied to the duplicated section. You can also copy a band marker by selecting it and pressing “C”. After that you can select another band marker and press “V” to paste the settings of the first marker there.

Please let me know if you need anything else!


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some Fills also trigger after 8 bars and have different “fills” Fill1 tends to be a simple hit or two, and Fill2 tends to have more. depends on the style etc.

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