How come I cant save WITHOUT the new PAID FOR FEATURES?

I have been using Hook Theory since it first started and purchased both theory books. Now I have no option to save to my own drive? This is not right? If you take away all the SPECIALTY FEATURES I should still be able to at least save without ALL THE FEATURES YOU TOOK AWAY. $200 for something that was included then forcing the old users to PAY TO SAVE is not good business. This makes this like a money grab and a screw you to the old time users!

Saving your Hookpad project to a disk via JSON export is a paid feature of Hookpad.

You are perfectly welcome to continue to work on your projects and save them to the cloud for free.

Since we started Hooktheory, we’ve always taken care to make the key functionality of our products free to use. All of our music theory resources, including the TheoryTab database, cheat sheets, infographics, videos, articles, and chord progression trends and exploration are free to use and free of ads.

The vast majority of Hooktheory users use Hookpad completely free (over 95%). The small number of features that we upsell in Hookpad: exporting, magic chord, etc. serve to support the rest of the site so that we can keep offering all of these resources to everyone in our community, both paying and non-paying users.

I hope you understand.


That makes complete sense. Thank you for the response!

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