How can I make one chord per measure

When I open Hookpad the chord plays 4 times in each bar. How can I make the it play longer? One chord per measure?

Use the h j k l ; ' keys to change note and lengths. The specific length of each changes depending on the time signature, but it’s usually in the pattern of 16th, 8th, quarter (1 beat), half (2 beats), then whole note (4 beats).

To get note lengths in between the lengths I just listed, you choose a note length, press and hold SHIFT, then another note length to add the two note lengths together. So pressing K then SHIFT+L should yield a note length of 3 beats (1 + 2).

Also if you already have a single 4 beat chord, you can change the mix from piano 1/4’s to “piano” to only hit once.


Where is this setting? Ita driving me nuts to hear the piano ADSR on every beat!