How about Hookpad for Android?

Will you ever start creating Hookpad for Android?

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I am sitting here with a brand new tablet, which was going to be used exlusive for hookpad for my new record - any solutions.

I innstalled puffin, and can se the flash but get no piano sound - I also get sound in hookpad with youtube sound, just no sound from the piano???

Hey @Jello
sorry for the slow response on this. A couple of people have reported that Puffin stopped working. We can’t generally provide support for it, but since it seems a lot of people are using it, we can take a look. Hopefully there will be an easy solution. I’ll post back here if we figure out what happened.


ok, went bck to the shop and gave my android back - no use for it without hookpad.

How is it on win10?

Windows 10 is supported. Sorry for the trouble. The way it is currently designed, Hookpad is a lot more usable on a pc (with a mouse) anyway.