HookTheory1 iOS videos unresponsive (iPhone 7+ ios v. 12.4.1)

I just downloaded the HookTheory1 app today (9/10/19), and while a cursory glance at the table of contents has made me optimistic about the lessons, I’ve been unable to complete many thus far, because the videos will not load. To be specific, tapping the ‘play’ icon does nothing (there’s no loading icon, it doesn’t pull up a blank screen, etc). I have tried deleting and re-downloading the app, and I have tried restarting my phone. I don’t believe this is an issue with my phone, as I was able to get the first two videos to load before they stopped working completely (but I have since been unable to get even those to work). Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

I’m having this same issue, did you ever find a resolution?