Hooktheory, what's up with the crap automatic YouTube loading?

Please don’t do that. I hope you guys change it back to the way it was. Nobody wants to see the video to be honest. Just let us choose whether to view TheoryTab in YouTube or piano mode like before. This new API sucks. Sorry for my professional English. Other than that, thank you guys so much for all the hard work on building this outstanding website! Yay Hooktheory team! Nay crappy automatic HTML5 pointless YouTube loading on every damn song in every damn tab. And some of the song got like 5 videos on them. Again, I love you guys!

@Badonk, what do you mean “Change it back to the way it was”? Nothing has changed regarding the YouTube number per Theroytab page (one per section, which I agree isn’t necessary and we do plan to change eventually). If you want to disable YouTubes entirely within Theorytab, you can do that by clicking “My Hookpad Preferences” from your account menu and then scroll to the bottom and click “Disable YouTube videos in Theorytab”.

Oh it was loading automatically these last few days. But never mind, I disabled it! Never knew it before. Thanks. You guys have the best forum support!