Hooktheory Sponsorship in Youtube Videos

Hey Hooktheorists. I watched yesterday’s video about mixolydian songs by David Bennett Piano on Youtube and was absolutely overjoyed to find that it was sponsored by Hooktheory. The products and resources here absolutely need much more exposure within the music theory community; I unfortunately can’t recall them ever being mentioned in any music-focused online discussion that I’ve ever read, and I feel particularly lucky that I found Hookpad on a whim by searching “online music creation tool” back in 2015. It changed the course of my life, and I’m not exaggerating. I’m hoping that this and other targeted sponsorships will help draw more people into the incredible usefulness offered here on this site.

I wouldn’t consider myself a fanatic when it comes to watching music theory videos on Youtube, but I have kept up with a few channels for education, and I don’t think I’ve ever seen a Hooktheory sponsorship before. I try to take it upon myself to spread the word to others about HT products, particularly Hookpad to new musicians or people curious about learning music theory through experimentation, because it worked so well for me. My question to other users is: Have you seen other HT-sponsored videos like this before, and where? My questions to the HT team are: Have you only recently started pursuing sponsorship like this, or have you done it before and I’ve just missed it? Are you planning on increasing your sponsorship deals with Youtube channels? If it increases site viewership and revenue, you absolutely should. Thanks for all your hard work.

@qclod thanks for the kind words, it really means a lot to us, and thank you for your contributions to this forum!

We haven’t done much partnering with Youtube creators/influencers in the past, but recently have been reaching out to a few of them. David Bennett is great, and I love that he’s found a way to make music theory concepts appeal to a mainstream audience. I had the opportunity to chat with him before he made this video, and he was just as charming and gracious as he comes off in his videos.

Sponsorship fees are expensive, but can be a great way for us to build our community, so we plan on continuing to partner with channels that are aligned with our goals when we can.