Hooktheory running slow

Stuff is occasionally taking a long time to load and when I try to edit a song it says that I need to check connection but when I click try again, sometimes it goes to it just fine. I tried refreshing and I’m still having the problem.


Just something to try, but I have found “empty cache and hard reload” to resolve a lot of issues with Hookpad performance over the years including this one - I have to assume sometimes it just needs a kick.

If you want to give this a go, assuming you are on a chromium-based browser (Chrome, Edge, Brave, etc), open your f12 menu and then right-click your refresh button. You should have the option to “empty cache and hard reload”/“empty cache and hard refresh” or something to that effect.

You will find that hookpad will need to download assets, instrument sounds, etc again, but that it is potentially a little snappier afterward. Hope this helps.

I’m having the same issue, it was slow last night and now I can get the main website page to open but the hookpad isn’t loading.

Tried that and now it sometimes loads endlessly

Excruciatingly slow for me as well. TheoryTab won’t even load half the time.

Screenshot 2024-04-24 174425
Screenshot 2024-04-24 174520

I hope this gets fixed soon!

Are your servers being DDOSed?

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Yeah… it’s been down for 2 days now, and the peeps at Hooktheory have not been responsive. :frowning:

For me the site is so slow that it won’t even start. I also tried last night but the situation was the same.

Thank you all for your feedback. We’re currently looking into it.
Thank you for your patience!


Hookpad continues to be excruciatingly slow, mostly not loading at all (April 24, 13:00 European Eastern Time). Even once it does load, it can’t access saved files so opening up pre-existing projects is impossible. This is incredibly frustrating as I’m working on hookpad with students.

Well, thanks for looking into it :blush:. I’ve been experiencing all the Hooktheory pages running slow for a few months now and I’ve only been able to use them intermittently. It’d be great if you could get to the bottom of it once and for all. Good luck :blush:

I don’t know what you guys did but everything seems to be running much faster now than it was. Well done all around :blush:

Yep apologies for the slowness the last couple days. Our service provider introduced a new feature designed to prevent denial of service attacks without telling us and their default setting was actually throttling normal traffic. We think we have it sorted so it won’t happen again. Thanks for your patience while we root caused the issue!