Hooktheory part I page 1/6 webbased

On Hooktheory part I page 1/6 webbased, the swipe is not working, therefore it is not possible to show other Keys.



can you be a little bit more specific about the example that isn’t working? We made some changes to the format when we released the second book and that messed with a few of these things. We’re still tracking the last ones down.


It is in fact throughout the whole book that the swipe is not working when reading the book in a web browser.
For example under 2.3. The vi Chord: A Minor Sound
There is an example of chords in every key. There is written “swipe to change key”, but that is not possible or working.
Not a big problem anyway, because the book is great.



I am having this same issue. I am using a macbook air and chrome for my browser. By “not working” I mean there is no action that will allow the carousel to move to the next image. I have tried clicking, “swiping” using two fingers on my trackpad, using an arrow, etc. It shows up as a static image for me that cannot be manipulated in any way. I have tried the book on my work computer, which is a PC, and I remember it working correctly, so it could be a Mac issue?

Strange. This is what I see in Safari for one of these carousels (section 2.3 the vi chord: A minor sound).

You can see the dots indicating the different keys. I am able to swipe through different ones on my mac in safari by clicking in the center of the image and dragging left or right. (it’s kind of like what you would do with your finger if it were an iPad).

Is that action not working for you (or maybe your were trying something else and it wasn’t obvious… a fair criticism).


Hi Dave,

I’m having the same swiping problem on the latest versions of Chrome (Version 57.0.2987.133 (64-bit)) and Firefox (49.0.1). Swiping works in the Edge (38.14393.0.0) though.
I have no way to change the images, the carousel is static and stuck on the first image. Clicking in the center of the image and dragging has the same effect as trying to do it on a single image. I know how it works as I tested it in Edge.



Same here. I have not been able to get the carousel images to work with Firefox or Chrome on Windows 10