Hooktheory menus not showing up fully + Corrupted analysis entry

Just have two bug reports:

  1. Since the new update, menus haven’t been showing up correctly (i.e., getting cut off by tabs like below)

  2. Added a section to the existing tab, but database says the section already exists despite linking to a 404 page.

Just tried, still no dice. Bump?

@CDPP sorry for not responding sooner. We are having trouble reproducing 1). Doesn’t happen on our macs and I just tried Windows 8 on IE and Chrome. What browser/OS are you using?


No worries, you guys are understandably busy.

  1. Windows 7 64-bit 6.1
  2. Chrome 34.0.1847.131

This issue is reproducable on campus computers as well (Windows 7 64-bit 6.1, Firefox 31.0).

Perhaps it’s a Windows issue? Would it be possible to check if the corrupted entry is listed in the databases? (Archie feat. Brenton Mattheus - Kingdom (Verse & Pre-chorus))