Hooktheory I (iOS) chapter 3.6


I had a question about chapter 3.6 in Hooktheory I on IOS. Specifically question number 3, it’s asking about “looking at melody and determaining the chords from it”. It has two notes 7 on the first beat and 1 for remainder of the measure.

I was under the impression that we did not want unstable scale notes on the first beat, but for this question it looks to me like that is what is going on in the example.Is this right? Any clarification would be appreciated.

Thank You.


Hey @DavidPumpkins
Good question. The idea here is that the scale degree 7 (lasting 1 beat) is resolving to scale degree 1 which are in the chords. It’s ok to have unstable notes on strong beats as long as they resolve.


Appreciate you getting back. Makes sense.

Thanks Dave.