Hooktheory I & II books


I am not yet a owner of the books but as a beginner, I plan to invest to learn music theory.

I have some questions:

  • read Hooktheory I is it required to begin the version II?
  • does Hooktheory II content the content of the version I?
  • is there a bundle price for buying the 2 books together?

Thank you for your answers.

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You don’t have to read Hooktheory I, but it’s a big help as it covers all the basics, and in my not so humble opinion is a great read whether even if you already know most of the material. We do include chapter 1 of the first book as an appendix to book 2 though. There is not a bundle currently for buying both together.


Thank you Dave! so I will start with the first book, keep continuing the good job! best wishes.