Hooktheory has stopped playing and won't let us add new notes


I hope you can help, I am posting this message on behalf of my daughter who is using hooktheory for the first time as part of her school homework.

She is creating a backing track and worked on it a few days ago and it was working fine. She logged back on today to continue working with it and now it won’t let her add any more to it and when she tries to play it only the first couple of notes play and then it is silent.

We have double checked the volumes and tried logging out and restarting.

Please can anyone help?

Many thanks


Do you have a link to this tab? If you have a link to it, we can copy it into Hookpad and take a look at what the bug here is.

This sounds similar to a current bug with caps lock affecting some keyboard shortcuts. Make sure you have caps lock off.

Did it ever start working again for you? What was it?