Hooktheory API and VST/plug-in?

Is there a terms of use doc for the API? I can’t find one. I wanted to use it for a VST I’m working on for my own personal use.

@tfguss use of the API is totally fine for personal use.


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Just out of curiosity, what are you planning to do exactly @tfguss?

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@CDEFGAB Basically, I’m going to make a chord selection/chord suggestion UI that writes directly to my DAW’s piano roll in real-time (forget MIDI export! plus I’ll get to flesh out the chords in the context of my song/sound designs).

Since I’m lazy, I’m planning on porting the auto-chord voicing algorithm from MMA to C++ for the VST.

It’s worth mentioning that I’m not the most seasoned programmer or songwriter, so there is a high likelihood of egregious results :open_mouth:

@tfguss That actually sounds great! DAW integration would be an amazing Hooktheory Plus feature, too. I wish I knew how to program plugins.

If you ever feel open to the idea, I would love to give it a test. Best of luck!