Hooktheory, and the Death of Flash

with the upcoming death of flash drawing closer with every second, one starts to be slightly cautious with the status of a resources as helpful as hooktheory. while there are threads already made that concern with the porting of hookpad to html5, i dont believe i saw anything on hooktheory. is this merely because they would come together, or perhaps it would be dropped, or what?
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Hi @inblooks,

Yes flash is indeed dying and we are in good shape for it!

  • Hookpad has been HTML5 for > 1 year.
  • All TheoryTabs have been HTML5 for > 1 year.

The two remaining parts to transfer to HTML5 are

  • The tab editor, which lets people contribute analysis of real songs to the tab library and sync YouTube videos to the analysis.
  • The dictation challenge.

We are nearly finished with the tab editor (a slightly modified version of Hookpad).
We have not decided if the current dictation challenge will be migrated to HTML5 or if something new and better will take its place.

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