Hooktheory 2 wont open in edge


I cant get hooktheory 2 to load in my edge browser.

Microsoft Edge 38.14393.0.0
Microsoft EdgeHTML 14.14393
Windows 10 64 pro updated

I have hooktheory 1 and it loads fine. I can load hooktheory 2 in chrome as well on this pc. But in Edge, it stays on the screen “Please wait while the app loads 3.8MB”

I’ve tried deleting all the browser data and no change.

Any ideas?


sorry for the trouble. If Book I works, Book II should work too. I wonder if there was a temporary connection issue. Can you try reloading now? Also if that doesn’t work does the same thing happen to you on other browsers?


Thanks for the repy
It works fine with chrome on the same pc. It doesnt seem to be intermittent. It wont get past the loading screen in edge.

I have switched to chrome on that pc because of this issue