Hooktheory 2 hangs on mobile Chrome

Following up on a message I left in another thread recently, there’s a chapter in the second book that causes the page to render incompletely and hang. I’m currently on chapter 6.5 (Modal Mixture in Minor). The behavior I see is that the page will begin loading content and all of the videos on page show a loading icon. I can scroll down some of the content but a ways down the page it is blank, blocking on something before rendering the remaining content. I can usually scroll up and down for a brief period of time but the videos never appear loaded and the bottom half of the text content is blank. After 30 - 60 seconds or so, the page will become unresponsive and I’ll have to close the tab/browser. Unfortunately I can never access the nav menu during any of this to switch to a different page.

I’m going to connect a remote debugger soon and clear out cookies. I can take a peek at the rendering timeline and events to see if anything stands out. Is there anything you’d like me to check or screenshot in dev tools before I clear all the app data?

Chrome 74.0.03729.136
Pixel XL, Android 9