Hooktheory 1 Audio Demos Will Not Play 1/3 the time

Some of the audio demos work great. Others will not play at all. I’m on a chromebook using chrome if that makes a difference. Anyone else having this intermittent problem?

@madavre is this consistently happening on certain examples or is it randomly happening and not happening across the board? What do you see when the example doesn’t play? Is there an error message?


Hey Dave,

So it seems to be happening on my Chromebook, yet not on my Mac.

One of the culprits I recall was the John Mayer “Heart of Life” demo. I would click ‘play’ on my Chromebook and nothing would happen. No error messages or anything. Just wouldn’t play any audio and the playhead wouldn’t move forward. It happened for many other demos but that’s the only one I can recall. Would you like me to run through the demos on the chromebook and see which ones have that glitch? Thanks again!


hmm. Does this example always behave that way or is it intermittent? Do you have the latest version of chrome?