Hookpad's Splitting impossible with French Keyboard

Hi all

“To split a note, hold the “/” key and click where you want to split”
This doesn’t seem to work with a French keyboard layout.


I have the same problem with split on my German keyboard. :pensive:
Is there another key command that I can use?

For example I can use “Ö” on my German keyboard to make up for “;” to get a bar duration, what is fantastic.

Sorry about this.

We actually have the shortcut for splitting set to the key to the left of the “right shift” button. On US keyboard this is ‘/’ but on Germand keyboards it looks like it is ‘-’ and on French keyboards is it the ‘=’ key. I switched my keyboard layout on my mac to French and German layouts and verified that I was able to get split working by hitting this key. Does that work for you?


Hello Dave,

thank you for your answer.

Yes, on my (Austrian, which is the same as German) keyboard layout ‘-’ is left of the “right shift” button.

But still ‘-’ was still not working. But now I found a workaround. I changed the Keyboard Input Source to U.S. keyboards and then I was able to split with the ‘-’ key.


hello. I also have the same problem with the italian keyboard… the key to the left of right shift is not working for me!!!

Is this what your keyboard looks like? I switched my layout to it and was able to get it to work with the “-” key

mmmmm… I can’t upload images so I cant show how how mine looks like…

I am english and have a French keyboard… the / is found on the É key on the bottom right next to the Maj key.