Hookpad won't open

I recently made a new hookpad project, but when I try to open it from the “My Tabs” page it will not open; it stays stuck at 45 with the text “loading sounds” and doesn’t continue loading from there onward.

sorry @McQuantum there is a known issue with polyphonic melodies that can cause this in certain circumstances. We have a fix almost ready to push so your song should be accessible later today. The issue was discovered a few days ago and we apologize for not having it fixed yet.


It’s all good, thanks for telling me! :smile:

Have you guys pushed that fix yet? I still can’t open my project. Here’s the link: http://www.hooktheory.com/hookpad/project/192506

I can’t open it because it’s probably set as Private. Set it to public, first.

Set it to public; still no luck

Click the button that reads URL (next to Embed) and then use the public URL there.

Directly copying the URL of the Hookpad page itself will always result in a 403 error.

This then? http://www.hooktheory.com/hookpad/view/GTMpbcVntsGY

yep, that’s what it is

@McQuantum we have pushed the fix. It looks like this solved your issue (I can load the song from the link above). Let me know if it didn’t. Many apologies that this took longer to fix than expected.


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HI guys. HookPad won’t open for me. It reaches 87% then crashes my Firefox. For about two weeks now.

Quite surprised at the lack of response, should I have posted elsewhere?

@benson, sorry for the slow response on this. We have tracked down this bug which is happening to some people in firefox and should have it fixed soon. Thanks for letting us know.


@benson, Just pushed Hookpad 1.3.5 that fixes this problem. Will update change log shortly.

Almost! Hookpad reached 99% then crashed. Had to kill it in the process manager.

Ok. I’m thinking about unsubscribing from PLUS until this is sorted out, but I’m told doing that is permanent. That sucks too.

Ok, you have got 4 hours to reply to my post, or fix HP, or I’m un-subbing. This is ridiculous.


Sending you an email directly. Very sorry. We will take care you of. I’m sorry you are still having trouble in firefox. Did you try a different browser in the meantime?


No, I wouldn’t touch another browser with a barge pole.

Just to report that I just tried it again and it’s still broken, but I’m going to wait until this is sorted out. And sorry Dave that last post should have been in reply to you!