Hookpad white screen

When clicking on the note/chord are and adding or removing notes, looping .no auto save option available so you lose everything

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What do you mean by this? When adding/removing a note/chords you’re getting a white screen? What does the lack of autosave have to do with this? Could you elaborate, explain the exact steps you did to get this bug, and give screenshots? Those will be very helpful in figuring out what your problem is.

I’ve had the same experience, but I have never been able to pinpoint what was causing it. Screen goes completely white right in the middle of working on a song.
Last time it happened, I pressed “S” to save it and when I refreshed the browser, I found it as “untitled” in my saved folder.


I had my web interface fail today too.
It ‘crashed’ while having a song in loop and navigating through the lead sounds.

Yes, there should surely be an auto-save (even if it were only every 15mins)

I have just experienced the dreaded white screen,
My track is continuing to play in loop mode.
I don’t know what I did specifically, prior to this happening.
Just editing and playing a new project.
I’m scared I have lost all the edits since my last save.
Auto save option is an essential feature please.