Hookpad Web Interface Awful

Hey guys.

When I open Theorypad my processors start whining - as I am now. The Hookpad Interface is jumpy and unresponsive, it has just taken me almost 10 minutes to insert 4 chords and frustration makes me dump it again. The mouse actions become possessed and moving on their own and the playing skips the first bar.

Isn’t it time you made an Application which users could download to their machines?

Unsubbed again.


I doubt the devs will create a standalone application for Hookpad. The best thing you should expect is the HTML5 update whenever it comes out.

At this point I expect nothing of note from the devs for several more months.

I don’t know what difference HTML 5 is going to make, and I’d prefer to hear from the Devs - it is only my money after all.

Well, since HTML5 is browser-implemented, instead of being launched from another application (i.e, Flash), this should mean better optimization, from my understanding.

I agree with you completely though, when I try to use HookTheory on my laptop, the laptop gets hot in less than 5 minutes, and the battery life will down by 5% in that same time (on a late-2014 Macbook Pro).

Yeah Flash is infamous for being a resource hog (it’s why Apple didn’t support it on the iPhone - it would kill battery life). The next version of Hookpad will be much more efficient and will allow us to release versions that work on mobile devices


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Is there an ETA? You guys have been saying that the HTML5 update is coming for months, and there’s nothing much to show for it other than the addition of 9 and 11 a while ago.

I currently have a six core x64 machine with 16GB RAM and updating soon, I don’t use an iPhone and never will. It would be good if HP and TP worked properly.

@Dave All the more reason to implement a standalone Application for HP.

Can you guys actually use hookpad software? Every time I try to enter a couple of notes my browser hangs with a script error and have to kill it in the task manager.

And no I’m not being a troll. What’s the problem? It’s the only site I know that hangs my browser like this.

I’d re-subscribe in an instant if only it worked!!

I think the link to Support Forum should be changed to read just Forum.

We’ve got lots of people using the software productively, and while there are certainly some recurring issues, crashes after entering a few chords are not one of them. I’m assuming you’re on the latest version of flash and a recent modern internet browser?


PC specs:
6Core AMD
Windows 10
1MB per sec Internet
Latest Flash
Latest Firefox.

Laptop Specs
2Core Intel
4 Gb RAM
Latest Ubuntu Studio
Same Internet
Latest Firefox
Latest Flash

Dave, it’s not just entering notes or chords. I have an 8 bar piece saved, I hit Play and hear nothing until bar 7.5 and sounds like it’s underwater then it freezes. So what happened to HTML5 and all that?

Very odd. You’re saying you get the same behavior on both your ubuntu box and windows? That points to a network issue though most of this is all client side once the initial download of assets completes. I can’t say that we’ve done much testing in Linux, but the windows should definitely work.

html5 is coming along nicely. We didn’t get started on it in earnest until after the second book was all out, but we’re very happy with the progress so far. No we don’t have anything new to report other than that it will be done when it’s done.


So it’s not Flash it’s my network. Like I’ve already said I have no problems anywhere else. Funny that! Linux is vastly superior to Windows when it comes to networking. What is your server running? I’ll re-subscribe when HTML5 is done…if it works!

Well well, I have found the problem. It’s not Flash or Ubuntu or my Network, it’s f*&^ing Firefox!! I tried “Hookpad” earlier and I got the usual script error. So I downloaded Chrome, against my better judgement. It asked to install Flash which I allowed and “Hookpad” worked first time and is still working. So I’ll subscribe again later.

@bigyihsuan I work with canvas for my 9 to 6 job albeit not a music application but for radiologists. Asking a flash developer to switch to canvas is like asking the drummer in your band to start playing guitar.

I am excited to see what you guys have in store @dave

@benson in the web world, chrome is the browser that gets tested the most in any type of application.

if it works in firefox/edge/IE/safari (ugh) then great but yeah i recommend sticking with chrome for any application you use unless it specifies otherwise.

We were always reluctant Flash developers (at the time HTML5 audio wasn’t mature enough to do what we wanted). :slight_smile: We’re making good progress on the next non flash version using modern web standards


Yep been there done that. Unfortunately graduated college in 2006 when facebook was relatively unknown and ajax was just first realized. What a different shift technology went since then.