Hookpad update not loading any songs 2.2.0

Hey Guys!

So glad to see that you have updated Hookpad today, however I cant get any of my sessions to load. Ive tried it on both of my computers and have updated browsers. Tried on Safari and Chrome and nothing is happening. It just sits in a loading position.

I have some projects that need worked on today I hope this can be resolved.



Hi Kyle,

Thank you for lettings us know. There was a bug with the 2.2.0 push that I fixed moments ago. Can you refresh your browser page w/ the Hookpad App and try again?

Hey Chris,

Just trying to load HT and the loading projects page gets stuck and never loads the projects.

Im guessing you may already be aware of this but just wanted to mention this.


Are you still seeing this issue? It appears there may have been a short period with our host that briefly caused an outage but it appears to be resolved.