Hookpad\theorytab APP

Hooktheory I app is a huge success!
Do you have any ideas of creating hookpad\theorytab app for ios and android? I’m sure it would also have a great success!


@panharmonic yes this is something we want to do. Part of the issue is that getting the interface right on a touch screen is not trivial. Also since most of the code for Hookpad is built in flash it will require a rewrite.

It’s on our list though :smile:


+1 for an android app please.
I just discovered Hooktheory and am excited to try but no android app and only flash for the Web is a major disappointment for me.
Any ideas on how soon this may be happening? The original post was 6 months ago.
Thank you!

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HI Dave: that is great to hear. Are you planning a re-write to get rid of Flash in the web version too? That would be FANTASTIC sine Hooktheory is the only site I use that requires Flash and Flash has constant major security vulnerabilities. Just today there is another major vulnerability where the only solution is to uninstall Flash completely, which means as a paying Hooktheory customer, I wouldn’t be able to use the product.

I know a re-write of an app is a nontrivial thing, but Flash really does put the Hooktheory community at risk. Steve Jobs even famously wrote a letter about why Apple would never support Flash on iOS and Apple has done a lot to rid the world of Flash on Macs because of all its issues.

Thanks or listening to your customers! Hooktheory is the best!

+1, was just looking to buy this on Android after reading the books…