Hookpad stops while "Loading Sound" at 50%


The loading screen stops all the time at 50% while “loading sounds…”
Got Adobe Flashplayer 21,0,0,182, same issue with firefox, opera and microsoft explorer.

Thank you

Is this happening for a particular song or all the time? Hookpad seems to be running fine for us. Maybe there were some temporary connection difficulties?

Let me know if they are persisting and we will get to the bottom of this.


Hello Dave,

hookpad wont open at all, nothing to do with a particular song. Connection is fine. Got this problem since i did a new set up of windows 7 professional ni yesterday. Got newest version ob adobe flashplayer and tryed with firefox, opera and explorer. same issue with all. Hookpad gets stuck at 50 percent, while its loading (says “loading sounds…” at this point).


Strange. Is this just Hookpad or does it also include showing songs in the Theorytab database (the backend is the same so it would be surprising if one worked but not the other)?


We have the same issue - stuck at 50% load, error initializing library. Appeared to be a firewall issue, as it works in our DMZ. However I see no record of a block in the firewall logs and have allowed hooktheory as an exception - very strange.

We load some assets from amazon web services. Could it be that?


We also have the same issue, but an error message “error initializing library” pops up. Is there any way to resolve this?