Hookpad placing a v7 instead of a VII

Hi guys, last night I was using HP and a weird bug happened: placing a VII chord resulted in software placing a v7 chord instead. I think this is just a drawing issue because the engine played the right chord both when I clicked it and when I ht play.

Here is a screenshot:

Here is a guide so you guys can reproduce the BUG:

1- Open a song that I made called “Teste Song” (app/id/608808).

2- Select the first 4 chords and copy with ctrl+c (on the keyboard)

3- Past it on the empty line below

4- Now, on the chords that you pasted, select the last one (the v7) and click on the UI to change it to a VII (willl result in a VII7)

5- And now i think that the bug is active. Just remove the ‘7’ of chord clicking in the UI and the chord will turn into a v7.

Thanks @NecroToad for the detailed bug report and instructions to reproduce, we’ll take a look

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I think we’ve identified the issue causing this, which has to do with the performance updates released in 2.6. We’ll push a fix for this shortly

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Thank you very much Ryan!