Hookpad on iPad

Are there any plans to release Hookpad for iPad, either as a dedicated app or a non-flash web offering?

Did you get an answer to this? Not being able to use hook pad on iOS is very frustrating.


@rickyp72 yes we are working on this. We are currently wrapping up Book 2, but at that point a non-flash version of Hookpad will be our number 1 priority.


Here is a related email we received today with my response.

From a Hookpad user:

I love using Hookpad to compose songs. I’ve tried other tools, but it is the first and only one I’ve tried that makes it easier rather than harder to get my music down in MIDI format for me to work on further in my DAW.

Now, I’d love to make music on the move too, so is there ever going to be a Hookpad iPad app, or at least an online version of Hookpad that is possible to use from an iPad?

I know there are workarounds for making the app appear on an iPad, but that is without sound, so if you know of any workaround that makes it possible to have sounds from it too, I’d appreciate knowing about those.

My reply:
Thank you for the email. I’m glad you find Hookpad useful. Regarding iOS/Android/mobile. We are moving in that direction. The team just embarked on a full rewrite of Hookpad to make it more capable, performant and eventually compatible with mobile (although first step is to release a new web version). We don’t have a concrete timeline at this point for when it will be available because we are still in the beginning phases of the update.

An iPad app would be really great, it would increase your number of users tremendously as well. Being limited to your desk top computer is not the best way to use hookpad.


Absolutely, I am using hookpad on the desktop and would like to have it as an application for my iPad or whatever portable device…regards

Yes I’ve just discovered Hookpad and I’m devastated to find I can’t get it running on iPad!

It works fine with Photon Flash Player on my iPad