Hookpad+ not opening saved to disk file correctly

Hookpad+ does not open the saved HTK correctly.

What happens:

The Flash part of Hookpad does not update with the desired HTK, and stays on the current song. The title of the title bar updates to [name].htk, but the browser/tab title stays as the current song’s title.

How to replicate:

  1. Write a song to disk.
  2. Open an online save of a different song.
  3. Open from disk.
  4. The page now looks like what is in the What Happens heading.

Windows 10, Google Chrome. Using Hookpad+.

Are you saying that the actual notes and chords of the song don’t update or just the title bar of the web page?

Sorry for the late response. The chords and notes don’t update. The title of the file doesn’t update. But the title of the tab/window does update.

So essentially the Flash part of the page doesn’t update.