Hookpad no longer working on mac 10.11, chrome 101

What changed? Why can’t companies, when they upgrade their software leave it so the old things still run?! I don’t want to upgrade my OS I just did, even a little, and that was a mistake.

Ok scratch that it works again. But, I’m thinking of buying, and I need to know it’ll continue to work even as they upgrade, is it gonna?

Well, it’s all browser based, so it really depends on your browser more than anything else.

I’ve been using hookpad on and off since like 2014 or something, when it was new and it has stayed accessible for me and the projects I made in the past were kept saved.

I just recently bought it. It has some rough edges in it’s UI, like working and formatting poorly on mobile, and not remembering settings, and auto adding measures when that’s disabled, and also some basic things I consider missing from it, while they seem to have an ethos of oversimplifying or omitting in hookpad to cater to musicians who they assume don’t want to know more than the bare basics, but it is a good tool for analysis and songwriting and being able to compare your progressions to it’s database of analyzed songs is cool.

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Yeah I love that I can just plug in chords to song ideas I already have in mind and it just instantly works. Messing around with my DAW is much harder and time-consuming to make it sound right, I don’t think I have the right sounds/gear, but with a band setting here it’s like already 70% of the way there for demo backing track purposes and I can pull it into reaper and tweak there. I went and got the month to month, liking it so far. I don’t think the section editor works at all (it seems to do nothing) but that might be my browser like you said.

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@Sy_Mercade, are you still having issues with the section editor?

Hm, I’ve not had any trouble making sections myself. That’s been one feature that has seemed to work the way it should.

The way I go about using it, is first drag-select measures which highlights them, then a context menu appears at the top panel, and inside it one of the options that you can apply to measures is a pencil symbol with "New Section’ below it. If you press that while measures are highlighted, you can make them into a song section. From there, you can click on the song section title down in the measures it defines, and there are more options, like changing the band, tempo, and key for that section.

Maybe that will help.

Sorry guys just saw this but yeah I realized I was using the section editor wrong. It does work well thanks :slight_smile: