Hookpad needs to be a DAW plugin or at least a native app

I’d be interested in buying Hookpad as a one-time purchase, but the web app is just too unresponsive to be usable. The delay for certain actions is killing the workflow, e.g. the delay between clicking a chord in the arrangement and hearing it play back is anywhere from 0.5 to 3 seconds for me.

What Hookpad needs is to be a VST3/AU/AAX/CLAP plugin so that you can use it in the most natural place to create music: Inside a DAW. Or at least a native app to eliminate the latency of the web app. But a DAW plugin would really be much better.

Is anything in that direction planned?

I love the application, but I can’t work in that web app and I would assume I’m not alone.

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Not to mention I don’t want to look through a bunch of presets twice, once when composing and again when creating the “real” version.

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