Hookpad: Include project name when saving individual MIDI parts

When saving individual MIDI parts the filename defaults to the instrument name, i.e. “harmony piano full voicing.mid” which means it’s not very descriptive and will overwrite similarly named files in the same folder.

The default (at least optionally) should be something like: “project name - piano full chords.mid” or “project name - harmony piano full voicing.mid”


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how do you export individual (per instrument) MIDI? i’m going to have to read the manual i guess… for me, export MIDI only generates a single file containing all instruments. dragging in to my DAW works fine in terms of splitting it into tracks, but it would be handy sometimes to just export a single instrument into a MIDI file.

Exporting MIDI

Hookpad can export a MIDI file (format 1) suitible for importing into any digital audio workstation like Garage Band, Logic, or Pro Tools, or into notation software like Finale or Sibelius. The exported MIDI file contains a track for every track in your Hookpad mix, complete with volume and octave information.

To export the entire project, go to File → Export → MIDI. To export a portion of the project, select the desired measures, and from the measure change GUI (not the File menu), click Export button → MIDI.

^ In the band section click on the icons in the type column to download individual parts.

ahhh… brilliant! probably need some help manual love…