Hookpad hangs during MIDI-export

In the beginning I was able to export MIDI from Safari but now everything just get stuck. Even if I start an other page in Safari and try other functions in Hooktheory it is frozen. The only cure is to restart Safari. I have tried Chrome and it seems to work but as I can’t find right button for splitting notes (/ according to the guide but at my keyboard in Safari it is the - button) it is not working for me. (And I prefer Safari!)
I am running Sierra 10.12.2 and Safari 10.0.2

@bodal is this happening every time you try to export or just for a particular song? Regarding ‘/’ sounds like you may have an international keyboard? The right key should be the one to the left of the right ‘shift’ button.


Hi Dave, I have tested it more now and yes it happens every time BUT the MIDI-file is created and work as supposed! So the issue is that Hookpad freezes after export. I wonder if the problems started after I installed the jazz-plugin ?!?!?. How could I remove jazz-plugin from Safari to test it? Strangely I can’t see it in the preferences for Safari.

And yes I have an international keyboard (Swedish!) :slight_smile: But still I can’t find the right key in Chrome. The key you describe is the “- key” and it works well in Safari.


Hi again I also seen that a save to disk also freeze up hookpad.
And no, I have tested every key on my keyboard and non will work if I run Chrome … so strange!


Hi Dave,

I’m having the same problem with MIDI export. Safari freezes after every MIDI export, regardless of the project. I have the newest version of Safari and OS. I also installed the plugin mentioned by the original poster.

I’m having freezing issues too when I try to export midi. Bummer I just got the program today. Has there been an update? is there something I’m missing?

I have problem with download midi to ableton!
When I use safari your page lag/freeze
When I use chrome I can download but tr´here nothing in it!?
How can I make this work?
Thank you

If you’re a Safari user, you may run into a troubling issue when saving MIDI and saving to disk from Hookpad+: Your browser may freeze.

This is due to a bug in Adobe Flash Player. While Adobe works on a fix, you can configure Safari to allow Hookpad+ to save MIDI and save to disk with this Adobe-recommended workaround.

The workaround involves allowing Adobe Flash to “Run in “Unsafe Mode” on hooktheory.com. We completely understand if the phrase “Run in Unsafe Mode” scares you into using Chrome or Firefox instead, but wanted to let you know about this option if you want to stick with Safari.