Hookpad for iPad

Please create a Hookpad app for the iPad/iOS. I have subscribed to your website for well over 2 years, yet i still am not able to use hookpad on the iPad. Flash is no longer a good platform. It hasn’t been for years! I have paid monthly and am still waiting. When will this be available? I love this app, but not being able to use it without Flash is killing me. Please help.


The HTML5 update, when it comes out, will make Hookpad accessible on anything that can use HTML5.

It won’t be out anytime soon, it seems like. It’s been in “high priority” development for years now, with nothing to show for it but some bug fixes for the Flash Hookpad.

We’re getting close :slight_smile: It’s looking like early next year. We’ll have more info soon regarding beta testing.


Thanks for your response @dave. I would love to beta test for you when it becomes available. Cheers!

Thanks for the input @bigyihsuan. Hopefully we will see an HTML5 version sooner than later.