Hookpad file reverted to older save despite having finished version as "shareable URL"

Hi, I’ve got a Hookpad file that appears to have reverted back to an earlier version/save. I created a backup save when I was about halfway through completing the song and then continued on and finished the original file. This was a couple weeks ago and didn’t have any trouble with it until today I tried to load it up and the original file seems to have reverted back to the version at that time I created the backup. I created a “shareable URL” of the final product and that page seems in tact. Any way to recover my finished file or any way to export the “shareable” version of the song to the Hookpad creator or at least so I can have my own backup of it?

Sorry for the trouble. I would suggest sending an email to support at hooktheory . com with a link to the shareable url. If that link is working the song is almost certainly intact and we can look it up for you (I suspect it is hiding in your library)


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