Hookpad everytime I load a midi file, it becomes an blank webpage

simply as described in title, anyone got the same problem? I’m using Chrome on Mac

@azzy can you shoot me over the midi file you’re trying to import to support(at)hooktheory.com? It’s possible that there’s a bug in our import function that’s causing the crash.

hey @Ryan, just revisited my last project recently using hookpad, still the same problem, I’m sharing the midi file so you can reproduce. simp melody.mid - Google Drive

I also tried to set my midi track in Logic as an external midi device, and record the notes into Hookpad, using this set up How to Upload MIDI into Hookpad. The webpage immediately crashes and turns to plank page with no UI when I start playing the track. I hear the notes being trigger in Hookpad, so I try to reload the page, but nothings saved either. So maybe there’s an issue with the MIDI API as well.

Thanks for the report, hope to have this bug worked out shortly

@azzy, we got the bug fixed, there was a super short note at C-2 at the beginning of the file that was out of range and was causing the import to crash.

We’re planning a pretty substantial update to Hookpad to be pushed shortly so this bug will be fixed in that version.

thanks man, it’s devs like you that makes the community stick to the product

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this issue is fixed in v2.22.0