Hookpad cyber track files cubase 12

Hello, I am new on Hookpad for learn, study and produce. I discover the quality of your program .It s great . Congratulations for your job.I speak french and a little bit english but it s ok. I use Cubase 12 pro DAW on windows. I discover the very good track " cyber “track” . I see that it s possible that you send me the files for learn and study. Thank you to send me when you can. Like this I can learn to make it in my Daw.
Thank you in advance.
Best regards and salutations from Belgium and Spain

Hi and welcome to Hooktheory!

What exactly do you mean by Cybertrack? If it’s one of our demo tracks you can open it in Hookpad and export the MIDI files.

Please let me know if you need help!


Hello Dennis,
Thank you for your answer.
The name of the track is
Moon ride
made with hookpad

Waiting for your help and some news,
Best regards,
Albert Bau

Hey Dennis,
Thank you very much
I’ve decompressed the file and after I ve open in Hookpad .The file is perfect .
Thank you for your help.
I sincerely appreciate your amability and your reactivity.
I ve find a good teacher in all your programs .I ve study music and guitar in the academy of music in Belgium.for two years.
Thanks to you and your method I continue to study , learn and compose and produce.
Thank you very much
Best regards
Albert Bau

You’re welcome. I’m always happy to help.


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