Hookpad crashes when picking an 11th secondary dominant chord

I’ve attached a screen recording of what happens when I try to insert it

@chris @Ryan @dave if you click on an existing V/ chord and try to change the chord type to 11 then it won’t let you. On the other hand if you click on an existing 11 chord and try to make it a V/ then it also won’t let you. If instead you click on empty space, change the chord type to 11 and then click on the V/ button (or the other way around) then hookpad will crash

E.g. clicking V/ here will crash:

Clicking 11 here will also crash:

Also if a hookpad project already has a V11/ chord then you’re screwed because it will crash immediately

E.g. try editing the chorus of this theorytab

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Thanks @sylrs and @Vaz123 for the detailed reports. This will make it much easier for us to figure out what’s going on. Will fix shortly

EDIT: Fixed in 2.15.7