HookPad: Can't select duration 4 with keyboard shortcut

It seems I cannot select duration 4 on an international keyboard?

Per the documentation I assume it’s “;”, but I can’t access that character without using Shift, because to reach it I have to press Shift-,.

And it seems Shift is for the + sign, so I’m quite confused here.

Hey christopoulos, I’m sorry for your trouble.

Which key do you have on the right side of the “L”?
On an English keyboard, there is the “;” , on a German one there is an ‘Ö’. We made both keys work so I’m curios what you have in that place and if it works, too.



Greetings from a northern neighbor (at least I was born there, however, currently residing temporarily in Asia).

I’m using a Danish keyboard layout, you’ll find æ,Æ,ø,Ø,’ to the right of L, as seen below.

Oh, and to your question: pressing æ or ø doesn’t yield desired change.

Greetings back from Munich. We’ll see if we can find a way to get better keyboard support. It seems like every language has something else next to the L.


It’s no problem for us to add add “æ” and “ø” to our keyboard shortcuts for you. We’ll have that taken care of in the next minor release of Hookpad either today or tomorrow.

EDIT: This has been implemented in 2.25.6, live now

That’s great, thank you!

One thing - turns out that split (pipe sign) is similarly problematic to get access to. Any idea how we can fix that? Let me know if you need another picture, or if you want me to test more shortcuts.

Sure, not sure what’s a good character for you. How about the underscore _ ?

Perhaps we could use the “-” sign as the underscore involves the SHIFT key as well. This would be useful for German keyboards as well.

I’ve been looking over this list: Hookpad Keyboard Shortcuts
I have to compliment you for your overview, it’s great.

I may have been mistaken, the split is not pipe (ı), which I believe I picked up in a video somewhere and which requires two alt buttons to be pressed, but instead /, which is slightly easier to access on DK mac keyboard (shift-7), which works for me.

While it works, a direct keyboard tap would be desirable, but maybe not critical. $ is readily accessible and not currently assigned, it seems… (I have no clue why $ got such prominent placement on a DK keyboard, but hey… :man_shrugging:t3:).

Brackets [] are not easily accessible either, fyi. Requires option+8 or 9. (Edit: and are not visible on the keyboard, which adds a little extra cognitive friction)

For reference, the full DK mac layout