Hookpad as VST or App?

Hey, I’ve been using the hookpad lately a ton and love it to bits. It’s an awesome tool. I would love to integrate it even more into my Studio workflow and would love to see a vst version of hookpad and or an app. Is something like this planned for the future? Will this be possible?

Cheers and keep up the good work!


Thanks @kasala, glad you’re enjoying Hookpad! We’re definitely interested in a VST version, although haven’t found a simple technological path for this yet. Yotam from ToneJS looks like he was able to get a version of Magenta Studio Magenta Studio (a set of tools from Google Magenta) into Ableton using MIDI as the handshake, so we would probably have to something like this.


VST would be amazing, and complementary to other plugins like Scaler rather than direct competition.
But even a Chromium based app would be a step up. The progressive web app is too limited since there are no tabs to have multiple projects open or access to the theory tab database. Desktop app versions of web-based applications are great when they are functional enough that you’re not constantly needing the website

MIDI output with Web MIDI API would allow using Hookpad with virtual instruments and MIDI FX and be a good intermediate step.


VST or AU would be great. But I more and more get the impression that this is a dead duck APP … with no resources going into improvement.