Hookpad as native app or plugin?

This question came in via email

I was wondering if you guys had any plans of making Hookpad into a mac app or preferably a plugin? I’d love it if you made something similar to a Cthulhu plugin, except I like your software a lot more! Great work!

Regarding Hookpad as a native app
As of the time of this response, a native app is not on our roadmap. Shortly, the entire team will be working on Hookpad 2, which will be a non-Flash version of Hookpad. The code will be written for the web but will capable of running on many platforms (web, mobile, desktop). Our release cycle will web first. Once the web software has been robust in the field for some time, we will likely consider releasing Hookpad as a tablet app and possibly a desktop app.

Regarding Hookpad as a Plugin
This is something that wouldn’t happen until after Hookpad 2.0 for web is complete, but it is something we may consider if there is large enough demand.

Hi Chris!

Any news on the development of Hookpad 2 and a future desktop App? :smiley: