Hookpad Aria and copyright

I have a question about the ideas that the Aria AI feature generates in Hookpad and copyright. I guess Aria has been trained on the songs in the HookTheory database. Can we be sure that Aria won’t generate anything that’s too similar to one of the songs in the database? Also is there an issue with copyright when using ideas generated by Aria generally, as it’s been trained on well known songs and there are generative music platforms like Udio and Suno that have recently been getting into trouble for doing the same thing without permission?

Yes - great inspirational tool, but am worried about that copyright issue.

if it’s western music, with 12 notes, it’s likely any melody created by machine or human will resemble something else :slight_smile: of course if you find your Aria melody sounds strangely familiar (say the Monkee’s theme song etc) then you might want to check and or tweak.