Hookpad : " A native desktop application for OSX and Windows is in development"

Hi all,

I was wondering if the developpers could share with us the timeline
on this. Is it a month away, 6 months away, more, less, or undetermined ?
Thanks a lot ! Amazing website !


@bigman This is something we’ve been pursuing for a while now and we hope that it will happen some day.

Long story short, we’re not comfortable releasing a desktop version unless it meets our standards, and that’s going to take a lot of development effort. We have some options on the table for how to make it happen (we have done some initial development work to scope things out), but currently don’t have anything to announce. I guess that means the timeline is undetermined (it will be more than six months though).



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I guess there are no real plans for desktop versions of Hookpad. That’s too bad as Hookpad is nifty tool, but monthly subscriptions without a perpetual right to use aren’t for me.

@dave that said, are there any plans to update the web engine from a speed perspective? Perhaps move away from Flash? I absolutely love Hookpad, and want to use it as a startpoint for making songs, and would pay for it, but I’ve had choppy speed issues on multiple laptops and browsers

Dave: this would be fantastic! I know this is a nontrivial thing to do, but maybe you could reach out to the Hooktheory community to help with the re-write for native apps? I am sure there are a lot of musicians-engineers who have experience developing software and would be willing to contribute to the effort, like me!

Thanks again for an amazing app. Can’t wait until it doesn’t use Flash!