Hookpad 2 imports HP1 line breaks incorrectly

This tab contains line breaks after measures 4, 8, and 14; the original tab contained line breaks after measures 12, 32, and 38. These line breaks would have been correct if only the incomplete rows (rows with fewer than 8 measures) remained in the original tab. It appears that Hookpad 2 ignores complete rows while converting these line breaks.

I’ve noticed this also, but mostly with one-measure pickups turning into one-measure trailing lines, such as here in the pre-outro, where it’s supposed to be 1-8-7-2, not 1-7-2-8. Original.

Not fixed in 2.3.1, and since all tabs use the new player, the only way to show the original tab is the .hkt file.

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Also not fixed as of 2.4.2.

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Still not fixed as of 2.6.0 even though something was done to pickup measures.

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Not fixed as of 2.7.0. You cannot simply pretend that every tab in the database was made in HP2.

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Not fixed as of 2.8.4.

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Fixed in 2.10.8. Thank you for your patience! Ended up being a simple one-liner.

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YES. Thank you for finally fixing this one. Two minor quirks:

  • HP1 tabs assume 8 measures per line, so it should be okay to make it the default setting for HP1 imports (right now they inherit the current settings because this isn’t an HP1 feature); alternatively, line wraps can be generated even for lines that are 8 measures long.
  • if the last line of an HP1 tab contains a line break at the end and the line wrap mode is set to “manual”, an empty line appears at the end of the tab: This does not happen while editing because inserting a line break at the end of a tab will automatically create several empty measures.

@HertzDevil, regarding (1) do I understand correctly that your proposal is for HP1 imports, to add a line break (HP2) at the end of lines w/ 8 measures? That seems like a good idea. Do you think it should be for all HP1 imports, or only ones with an attached YouTube (that are thus likely tied to a theorytab)? (2) is a clear bug. I’ll investigate.

All HP1 imports, yes.

On further thought, the line breaks and the project line wrap setting can be combined to preserve the exact same line breaks as HP1. Here are the two revised options: (I’m fine with either)

  • Set the line wrap setting to “manual”, and then add line breaks even to lines that were 8 measures long in HP1.
  • Set the line wrap setting to “8 measures per line”, and then keep the 8-measure lines as is.

Extremely old Theorytabs created before polyphony was even supported (version <1.2 in the .hkt files) did have line breaks at every <segment> node, but currently these are missed. Example:

Hookpad 1.8

Hookpad 2.12.5

It came to my attention because there is no way the VI chord at the end of the first line could have spanned across multiple lines when the draft was last modified almost 6 years ago. This is the .hkt file. (Some public analyses also probably suffered from this.)