Hook theory II Summary 2.5 Question 2 viio/vi

I keep working out the bass note of viio/vi to be 5

But the answer says #5

Simlarly IV/IV I get 7 not b7

Can anyone explain how the correct answer is achieved?


Hi @vp_99, this is a great question. Thank you for asking. Using the procedure from Appendix A of Hooktheory II, the first step is to line up two scales: the original major scale, and a major scale that starts on scale degree six of the original scale, as shown below.

The next step is to build the vii° chord (scale degrees 7, 2, and 4) in the new scale, as shown below

Finally, you look at how the scale degrees from the second scale line up with the original scale as shown below.

The scale degrees of vii°/vi are thus #5, 7, and 2 with #5 on the bass.

You can follow an identical procedure to determine the scale degrees of IV/IV. The final result is shown below. I hope this helps.