[Hook Theory Books] Does the purchase of the book bundle require the app to be fully functional/interactive?

Continuing the discussion from I have purchased hooktheory I and II both in APP Store, do i have access to the web version?:

If you’d like both the Web version will work on all platforms and can be accessed anywhere.



This helped get me closer to answering my question about the Web version.

This, combined with the webpage, helped me better understand what buying the book bundle would mean. I’m in the research stage as a prospective buyer of the bundle. (I have also read the first freely available chapter from Hook Theory I.)

The plethora of negative reviews and lack of communication on the Hook Theory I app for Android made me incredibly nervous about purchasing from Hook Theory. I wanted to post this here to hopefully answer future potential buyers’ questions regarding this aspect of Hook Theory.

Does the purchase of the book bundle require the app to be fully functional/interactive?

My conclusion to my above question is, “No, not only is it not essential, the web version is the version to purchase for access anywhere with an internet connection across devices.”

This is great!

I am posting this here for future users since the search bar didn’t return any results. It wasn’t until I was going to create a topic that Discourse popped up with a potential match (similar post). And from there, creating this post led to more potential matches (but not quite the same questions as I was looking into).

If anyone has anything to add to answer the above question that isn’t in the original discussion thread under the original topic—or an answer that is less datedplease let me know! I’ll be using this feedback to decide whether to purchase or not.

I also compiled these comments in other threads since this was all challenging to find:

— Feb '19

— Nov '14

— April '20

I hope this topic helps any current/future potential buyers! Have a great day, ya’ll!