Hmm, anyone want to collab with me to complete this song by made the chords?

The song here I want to talk here is “Moongrains”. The night theme stage of Pvz, I really like this song and also want to complete the Pvz OST, only Rigor Mormist is left and maybe Zombotany and this song, I have completed the main melody just missing the chords.

If can, really thank you so much! Also I do not sync for the song yet, do this on phone is so hard tho

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Are you still working on this?

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Yes, I have done with the main melody of Moongrains and currently doing Rigor Mormist. But I never actually finish the song because of the chords, sorry for late respond tho!

I created the theory tab

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That really nice, did the melody of your follow the Pizicatto string? Mine follow most of the main notes I can hear, even the Horde part!