Hitting Z Wipes Out All Work, Redo Doesn't Work

First of all, love the dictation exercises, so thank you very much.

Twice today while getting far along in the advanced dictation, I accidentally hit the Z key. Both times all my work was wiped out. It didn’t just undo the last note. It undid everything. I tried to hit Y to redo, and tried a bunch of times, but nothing happened. Ouch did that hurt! Twice. Is there a way to disable this feature so hitting Z won’t wipe out all the work without being able to recover? I’m on a Mac with Chrome. Thanks! -Bob

Hey @bobbyf

Thanks for pointing this out. Weird! I’ll look into this. Hopefully it will be a simple fix.


Thanks dave… it’s possible I hit Cmd-Z. But still thinking I should be able to recover from that.