Hidden Voices Visual Bug

Unchecking all of the “Visible Voices,” on the right-hand pane to isolate only the chord progression, results in all bars being collapsed and squished into a single, unreadable line instead of displaying as default height, empty bars as it originally did.

Thank you for the bug report. I can’t replicate your described behaviour in my Hookpad. Is this happening for all songs or just a special one? What browser and operating system do you use?


It affects multiple songs, but only specific ones. For others, they don’t seem to experience the bug. The replication is very consistent with those specific songs, but I don’t know what makes them in particular trigger it. I’m on Chrome and Windows 10.

Here’s a visual example on one of the smaller songs it consistently affects:

Update after some testing: I can consistently trigger the bug on a song that didn’t previously experience it, by changing the mode to Minor, Dorian, Phrygian, Mixolydian, Locrian, and Phrygian Dominant.

Major, Lydian, and Harmonic Minor are unaffected.

The reverse is also true, songs in the problematic modes can be “fixed” by changing them to one of the three non-problematic modes.

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same behaviour w/ MS Edge and Chrome on Windows 11 Home. definitely feels like a logic issue. you can just open to the default entry, uncheck the voices, and cycle through the scale types. it only does it when all 4 voices are unchecked.

Thank you both for your feedback!
We had a problem for all keys with a flat 7th scale degree. I fixed it and it should work again with the next update.